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A leading provider of Medical and Vocational Assessment Services


Our Mission:

At CoreVisory, we ensure our clients receive timely, high quality, and credible medical and vocational assessment services.  All services will be performed by qualified and experienced professionals.  We will utilize cutting edge web-based technology to support operational excellence, while always focusing on exceptional customer service.




Independent Medical Review (IMR)

CoreVisory provides nationwide Independent Medical Review (IMR) services in the areas of medical, disability, dental, behavioral health, pharmacy and vision.  We utilize an extensive network of qualified and credentialed physician and ancillary care reviewers, producing reviews that are thoroughly summarized, researched and medically supported.


Vocational Assessment services are provided by qualified Vocational Specialists.  Vocational Assessment services includes Vocational Interview, Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA), Labor Market Survey (LMS) and Vocational File Review.


Accreditation & Association